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Life cycle of a butterfly

Life cycle of a butterfly

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Life cycle of a butterfly

The beautiful Monarch Butterfly undergoes one of the most extensive changes in all of nature. Hold all the stages in your hand, from eggs on a leaf, to a curious caterpillar, to a mystical chrysalis, to a gorgeous Monarch Butterfly figurine by Safari Ltd®.

Miraculous and awe-inspiring transformations can be observed in close detail with our Safariology® Life Cycles. Parents and teachers use these insect life cycles to teach children about the wonders of life in an engaging way, with manipulatives for kids to hold and play with. At Safari Ltd®.

Life Cycles are all Hand-painted, phthalate-free and thoroughly safety tested. 
Includes 4 stages:

1.) Eggs
2.) Caterpillar
3.) Chrysalis
4.) Monarch Butterfly

Recommended Age  3+

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