Frog life cycle stages - Tadpole stages

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Frog life cycle stages - Tadpole stages

Where do a frog’s legs come from? Now you can take a closer look and find out with our Life Cycle of a Frog by Safari Ltd®. You’ll see and hold all five life stages in the growth of this amazing amphibian, including a grown Frog figurine.

Miraculous and awe-inspiring transformations can be observed in close detail with our Safariology® Life Cycles. Parents and teachers use these animal life cycles to teach children about the wonders of life in an engaging way, with manipulatives for kids to hold and play with.

Includes 5 stages:
1.) Egg (Frog Spawn)
2.) Tadpole
3.) Tadpole without gills
4.) Tadpole with legs
5.) Frog (5.5cm L)

Recommended Age  3+

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