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Vegetable Flashcards

Vegetable Flashcards

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Fun, vegetable flashcards for toddlers and preschoolers.

These brightly coloured, engaging flashcards are a great learning resource to introduce 18 vegetable names. Each vegetable has been given a friendly name to make them fun and more enticing to your child.

Use them when cooking, to introduce new vegetables into their diet, to broaden vocabulary and even to learn colours!

These cards feature 18 vegetables on 9 double sided cards PLUS an interactive question card Brightly coloured to ensure your child is stimulated & engaged with the learning activity Double-sided and most importantly durable & wipeable!!

Each pack includes the following 10 A6 cards (front/back):

  • pea/potato
  • broccoli/cauliflower
  • tomato/corn
  • onion/aubergine
  • cabbage/cucumber
  • carrot/avocado
  • garlic/pumpkin
  • chilli/mushroom
  • beetroot/pepper
  • Interactive card - how many can you see?
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