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Emotion and Activity Flashcards

Emotion and Activity Flashcards

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Designed to help toddlers understand their feelings and emotions so they can later develop effective ways of managing them.

Perfect as a gifts but also in helping toddlers/preschoolers with delayed speech or with ASD. Feature 10 common emotions on the front and 10 daily activities on the back Brightly coloured to ensure your child is stimulated & engaged with the learning activity Double-sided and most importantly durable & wipeable!

Each pack includes the following


  • loved/use the toilet
  • excited/get dressed
  • confused/brush my teeth
  • happy/eat some food
  • surprised/read a book
  • sad/go to bed
  • worried/have a bath
  • angry/go to the park
  • tired/play with toys
  • shocked/ride my bike
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