Handa's surprise characters wooden

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These handa's surprise characters in wood are based on the original illustrations from the book by Eileen Browne, these ten fantastic colourful wooden characters will bring the story to life. The figures are reversible.

Ideal for encouraging talk and narrative play, this set of Handa’s Surprise wooden figures is perfect for a variety of story mapping and sequencing activities. The size of the characters makes them ideal from small-world play, builder’s trays, and storyboxes.

Each Set includes Handa (63 x 108mm), Akeyo (30 x 88mm), Elephant (200 x 120mm), Giraffe (110 x 100mm), Zebra (125 x 105mm), Antelope (80 x 95mm), Ostrich (90 x 105mm), Monkey (90 x 40mm), Parrot (60 x 35mm), and Goat (100 x 65mm).


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